What Is The Color Of Scent?

Tansy Kaschak collaborates with artist Katja Loher to create a scent installation for What is the Color of Scent?, at C24 Gallery in Chelsea, New York, from September 7th to October 27th 2018.


What is the Color of Scent? transforms the gallery space into an ethereal world in which the viewer journeys through an enchanted universe altered by vision, sound, and scent. By combining nature and technology in a collective effort, Loher's creations urge the viewer to consider the complex relationship between humans and nature.

In Katja Loher’s videos, choreographed movement of magical beings create hypnotic mind and eye-bending mandalas that explore the five elements: Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Love. The viewer discovers dancers in fantastic costumes that reveal the secret lives of flora and fauna. The creatures of her videos act in harmony to evoke awareness of nature’s beauty and fragility. Unique scent combinations by Tansy Kaschak accompany each element, engendering a subtle yet powerful scentscape to complement Loher’s fully immersive sensorial experience.